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First Appointment

Your first appointment will be longer than subsequent visits. During your first appointment time will be spent discussing your symptoms, medical history and finding out about you. This may be followed by muscle and joint testing, and/or postural assessment.

Many painful conditions have a postural origin and simply observing how you stand and move is very relevant to how you can be he

The next stage is to bring all the information together and discuss with you what the examination has revealed, suggest reasons for the symptoms and then decide on the best treatment approach.

For postural assessment you will be asked to remove outer layers of clothing. During treatment you will be covered by towels.

Cranial Appointments

You will not normally be asked to remove clothing, except for shoes. Soft loose clothing is best. Support garments should not be worn unless medically necessary.

Expect your first appointment to take about one hour. Subsequent visits may be 30 minutes or one hour depending on your response to treatment.

After Treatment - the therapeutic effects continue after treatment as the body responds to change at its own pace. On the evening after treatment be guided by how you feel. If you feel like resting, then rest. If you feel like being active, be active. Just don't force yourself to do anything that you don't feel like doing.

To make an Appointment

Tel: 01580 762754
My answering machine will often take messages if I am treating a patient. The answering machine is checked regularly throughout the day.

Fax: 01580 764214
The fax is usually checked several times a day.

Emails are normally checked early morning, lunchtime and during the course of the day and evening.

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