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Orthopaedic Supports


Back Supports and Back Braces

Back Supports and Braces can help support the lower back and help lumbago, sciatica, lower back pain and painful back muscle spasms.They can provide significant levels of lumbar support for those recovering from a severe episode of back and/or leg pain, providing an optimum amount of heat, support and compression. More information


Neck Braces and Neck Collars

Neck Braces can help to immobilise the neck. For neck pain, neck stiffness, neck muscle spasm, neck arthritis and whiplash. More information


Ankle Braces

Ankle braces can help you in your recovery from a bad ankle sprain. Further information


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Back Braces
McDavid Back Support
Back Brace. See more information
Back Supports
Vulcan Back Support
The Vulcan Back Brace for support. See more information
Neck Support
Neck Collar
Neck collar to help support the head allowing the neck to relax. See more information


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