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Hand Rehabilitation


Hand exercises

Hand exercises help to increase flexibility and re-educate your hand and fingers following injury, trauma, accidents and immobilisation.

Exercise is boring - play is fun. As the flexibility returns to your fingers you will be able to increase the range of movement and work more strongly against the resistance.


Therapeutic Putty

An excellent aid to rapid recovery from your hand or arm injury. As soon as you are able to grip you can progress onto exercise putty.

There are several grades of resistance from soft to firm. Start with the softest and then when that becomes too easy move up one or two grades (the hardest grade is for real athletes and you will need a very strong grip to use this one).














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Hand Exercises
Hand grip exerciser

Re-educate your hand after injury and immobilisation

Therapeutic Putty
Therapeutic Putty for Hand Rehabilitation and Exercise
Therapeutic Exercise Putty

This exercise putty will help strengthen your hand, fingers and wrist, as well as improving fine movement.


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