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Patient Testimonial

Knee and ankle
"Fantastic recovery, thank you. I can now run again with the dogs….they are a bit puzzled as its been so long they forgot I can run away from them…."


Patient's testimonial

"Just a note to let you know the acupuncture has really helped the discomfort in my lower back"
Testimonial from a patient
"A treatment with @billferguson [] is well worth a 20 mile round trip. Feel like a new Woman"
Testimonial for Bill Ferguson Osteopath

A testimonial from a grateful patient:

"Every week I play bridge and before playing I help put the tables out but my sore shoulder meant I could only watch while other people did all the work. At night my shoulder ached so much I couldn't sleep for more than an hour at a time. I kept waking up and having to move. In the morning I felt like I hadn't slept at all and it was getting worse. After two acupuncture treatments I am almost back to normal. I can hardly believe the improvement. I had 4 needles, two on top of my shoulder and two behind into the muscles over my shoulder blade. It didn't hurt. It felt slightly strange, as if someone was pressing on the muscle. When the needles came out it didn't even bleed. I felt a bit stiff but once I started moving it was amazing, the pain had been cut in half and over the next few days the improvement continued. After the first treatment I slept without interruption until morning. After the second treatment I was doing everything I used to do with just a little discomfort. I might not need a third treatment because each day it feels a little better."

Testimonial from Justin Nelson, Solicitor, Tenterden

"Bill is, in my view, an excellent osteopath. I have used two others in the past. Both were less inclined than Bill to explain - to explain the treatment he was recommending, to explain why it should work and to explain why it might not. have therefore definitely "switched alliegance". My wife and children use him, too, and we are all very happy with what he does for us. (Disclosure of relationship: Bill and I are members of the same business networking group, but I'd still use him even if we weren't)"


J from Ashford, Kent (Businesswoman)

"Before I consulted Bill Ferguson I had constant neck pain and headaches, mainly from tension, overwork and lack of sleep. I am very happy to say I am now pain free, except for the odd flare up which you sort out efficiently and quickly. I can only praise your efficient and competent work. I realise that I am a workaholic and have a lot of stress but you cope with this admirably.

I have recommended several friends and colleagues to you. This is high praise coming from me!"










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