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Superfeet Insoles


Superfeet insoles and orthotics can help make your feet more comfortable. They can help arch pain, fallen arches, flat feet, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, policeman's heel, pronation, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and tired and aching feet. See my article on heel pain.

Is your heel painful when you get up in the morning? If so you might have plantar fasciitis.

You can buy Superfeet Insoles from me when you come for your osteopathy appointment. We have a range of styles and sizes available to buy. You can also buy from the links on the right

Superfeet insoles and orthotics come in several designs. The insoles you choose will depend on your problem, the shoe you want to wear and the activity you engage in. They are good for running and sport to help control your foot movement and to help you run more efficiently

I particularly recommend:

Superfeet Insoles Description of insole and use
Men's 3/4 Everyday 3/4 length insoles. Use in regular shoes, dress shoes and for tighter fitting shoes, loafers, and casual shoes. Also available for ladies
Black For light control, for flat feet and for slim tighter fitting shoes. For any type of casual or dress shoe capable of fitting a full length insole into. Good also for off road cycling shoes and tighter fitting trainers. For shoes where there is minimal room. They can be trimmed to fit into most shoes.
Blue For running and sport. Excellent control for excessive pronation
Black DMP

Extra comfort insoles for sensitive feet with a 3-layer foam system. For people with sesitive feet, flat feet, plantar fasciitis and painful feet.

These Superfeet insoles are quite thick so you will need a good depth shoe to accommodate the insole. If your shoes can't accommodate a full length insole then it is a simple procedure to cut them down to a 3/4 size so that they will fit into your shoes as in the diagram on the right.

Which Type of Superfeet Insole should you buyt?
  • You must consider how much room there is in your shoe

  • If you want to put a full length insole in a shoe you must have room for the insole otherwise they will make the shoes too tight. Normally this means you have to remove an existing full length insole from a shoe to have room to put your own insole inside the shoe.


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Superfeet Insoles
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Superfeet insoles
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How to trim top cover Superfeet  orthotics
Cutting Superfeet insoles to fit into tight fitting shoes

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