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Acupuncture for Back Pain
Muscle and Joint pain


When someone hurts their low back there is often painful muscle spasm that makes it hard to walk or even move, I use acupuncture to relax and desensitise the area so that I can examine the joints without causing pain. Typically 15 - 20 minutes is enough to make a big difference. The points I use most often are BL28, BL25 and BL23. Sometimes I will use elecroacupuncture between two of the needles if I want to focus the treatment at a specific level.

The picture shows treatment for a central low back pain using 4 cm needles into the painful muscles.

Lower back pain - acupuncture


The benefit of acupuncture for acute low back pain is that it is so comfortable for you as a patient. You will be able to lie on your preferred side, wedged in place with pillows while the needles do their magic.


Bill Ferguson
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