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Sports Injuries


Acute injuries

Acute Injuries happen suddenly. The injury can be due to direct impact such as falling from a mountain bike and banging your head or more indirectly as in slipping on a badminton court while lunging and creating a groin strain.

Chronic injuries

Often the result of unaccustomed or excessive exercise, examples might be shoulder pain after a vigorous game of squash or too many overs of bowling in a cricket match.

Common Injuries to the lower limb

Plantar Fasciitis: heel pain, due to inflammation of the plantar fascia which runs along the sole of the foot, normally caused by overuse and poor foot function.

Sprained Ankle: damage to the ligaments around the ankle

Achilles tendon strain

Torn calf muscle

Shin Splints: pain at front of lower leg - along the shin bone (too much training, running on hard surfaces, shoes with poor foot and ankle support)

Knee Injuries:
Runners Knee (Chondromalacia patella) - swelling at back of kneecap due to repeated impact from running on hard surfaces 
Sprained knee can be simple or complex maybe involving torn cartilage and internal (cruciate) or external (collateral) ligament damage. 
Osgood Schlatter disease, affects mainly early teens, the tendon attaching to the top of the shinbone causes intense pain and in extreme cases can even pull away from the bone. 

Hamstring Injury/Pulled Hamstring: muscle stretched beyond its limit, tears with sudden sharp pain

Groin strain, a common problem with kicking sports such as football, rugby, karate and tae kwando. Also equestrian events.

Hip joint injuries are not common but the hip muscles often need treatment, they include the gluteals, piriformis (hip rotator) and psoas (hip flexor).

TFL syndrome also called iliotibial band syndrome is a painful condition affecting the outer thigh that often refers pain into the hip.

Common injuries to the upper limb

Sprained wrist

Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis), caused by repetitive movement, pain radiates down outside of arm from the elbow

Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis), similar to Tennis Elbow but affects the inside of elbow

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Injury, common in throwing sports like cricket, javelin and canoeing

Back pain can happen with any sport, usually when your muscles are tired. Stiff neck and pain between the shoulder blades are common complaints of "weekend warriors".




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