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Sciatica and Sciatic Pain
Christmas can be a pain


In January I have seen more people than usual with sciatica, mostly the symptoms have been mild and have responded well to treatment. I always try to find out when and why the sciatica started, the two main culprits, it seems to me, are sitting for long periods (usually at a computer) and driving long distances when not used to it.

Muscles don't like being held tightly in one position for very long and in the case of the gluteal muscles, they don't like being sat on. Imagine what happens when you sit in a padded chair. Your bodyweight squashes your bottom making it harder for blood to circulate. The fluid around those muscle fibres becomes more acidic as your circulation reduces, and you might notice your muscles tensing up and you might feel a bit of an ache. Repeat this several times over a few days and you could end up with knots of tension as an unwanted xmas gift.

I think the change in routine over xmas is to blame for a lot of aches and pains. One of my patients refers to xmas as "the long sit".

A lot of people who are normally active find themselves sitting for hours at this time of year and sometimes driving long distances and sleeping in strange beds. We are creatures of habit and our bodies adapt in time to the things we do most frequently. Sudden change in routine whether increasing or decreasing activity is usually accompanied with some discomfort.

So my advice over xmas: go for a walk, have a massage, stand up often, dance if you want but "Don't just sit there!"

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