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Osteopathic Treatment

How will you feel after Osteopathic treatment
Advice from Bill Ferguson

People respond in very different ways to treatment. The majority will feel better straight away but if your problem has been there a long time or is particularly severe or if you had a condition that created nerve irritation you may feel worse for a day or two and may need to take anti-inflammatory medication or painkillers.

Your body may react to the treatment by changing its chemistry quite suddenly, this is due to metabolic waste products being flushed out by the improved blood circulation – this can feel a bit like a hangover with headaches, nausea and sweating. Rest and plenty of fluid is the best treatment. The effects rarely last more than 24hours. If you are taking medication for diabetes or thyroid be extra vigilant with your medication and monitoring.

Emotional changes are very common due to the release of held-in tension.

If you have had adjustments made to your spinal joints you should allow the joints to have rest but do not immobilise them. The worst thing you can do after a neck or back adjustment is to sit in a chair reading or watching TV without moving for several hours. That will make you stiffen up. Be a fidget, keep getting up and moving around but don’t do anything strenuous.

To get the most benefit from your treatment you should treat yourself gently for a day or two, this means avoiding strenuous activities such as housework, sports, gardening and heavy lifting. Avoid driving if you can, particularly after neck treatment.

Keep well hydrated, sip fluids at regular and frequent intervals.

Keep to a simple diet of easily digested foods, avoid alcohol and other stimulants.

Try to keep your posture well balanced, do not stand crookedly, or sit with your legs crossed. If you have to drive make sure your seat is properly adjusted and you are well supported.

If you are in any doubt whether you should or should not carry out any activity please ask for specific advice.

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