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Sport and Exercise

Here are a few products that some of my patients find very useful.


Gym Balls for Exercise

Exercise gym ball

I recommend the gym ball for stretching out ... more


Hand Rehabilitation

Hand Therapy Trainer and Exercise Putty will help to increase flexibility in your hands, wrist and fingers.


Jump and Skipping Ropes

Used carefully this type of product is extremely useful in helping to increase aerobic fitness. Jump ropes


Running and Cycling Clothing

Click here to see some modern running gear


Yoga Mats

Yoga and exercise Mats need to be thick and large enough for you to comfortablly use. They should also have excellent grip and be stable enough to practise on. For pilates, exercise and yoga.


Hot or Cold Gel Pack

To minimise trauma after injury. More information

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Therapeutic Putty
Exercise hand putty
Gym Ball - 45cm
Exercise gym ball
Professional Exercise Mat
Professional Exercise mat


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