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Back Supports


As an osteopath I would not recommend anyone play competitive sport while they are recovering from a back injury. However I live in the real world and I know that if you are sport obsessed you probably won't listen to my sensible advice and you will compete as long as you are able to stand and breathe. So if you have hurt your back and you are determined to compete regardless at least get yourself a decent back support or brace, and protect yourself from further damage.


Back Supports and Braces

Back supports provide compression and warmth to the lower part of the back and can help lumbago, sciatica, lower back pain, painful back muscle spasm and posture related pain. They can help limit unwanted twisting and bending movements, and allow recovery without strain. They are ideal for those with occupations which involve heavy lifting and carrying. Invaluable in helping prevent soft tissue injuries or helping them repair if already injured.


Back Support Belt

The idea is that you tighten the back support belt when you need it, the rest of the time you wear it slightly looser. I don't know how many airport baggage handlers there are in the world but they all seem to have one. You can even wear a back brace under your jacket on a cold day and it provides an extra warm layer to the back muscles.


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