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It is important to purchase good sports equipment because it can help to avoid injury. Equipment should be the right size for you or be able to be adjusted if necessary.

Safety and protective equipment should be good quality and effective for the job. Emergency equipment should be considered wherever appropriate. If you are going out walking take an emergency lightweight foil blanket and a lightweight whistle with you.

If you are doing any form of exercise take some water with you. When running you can buy belts to hold water bottles which you can tie round yourself. Alternatively you can get a hydration pack which is basically a rucksack with a dedicated area to store water in. Normally these packs have a tube which you use to drink from as and when you want water meaning you don't have to remove the rucksack everytime you want a drink. At a basic level you can just carry a bottle of water however on a long walk or run this will definitely annoy you.

If you are running or cycling on the road or at night then wear reflective gear. A simple reflective armband could save your life if it means you can be seen by an approaching car.

Sports shoes should be supportive and appropriate for your particular exercise. For instance you should wear running shoes for running and golf shoes for playing golf. Cross trainers are good for general usage. You should not economise on shoes as poor quality shoes that don't support your feet properly can cause lots of problems, now and in the future.

You should wear boots for off road walking to avoid foot, ankle and leg pain. Walking boots should be about one size larger than the size you normally wear to allow for thicker socks.

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