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Therapeutic Putty
Silicone putty for stiff and sore hands

When you hurt your hand or wrist it doesn't take long for your fingers to stiffen up. The muscles that work your fingers are mostly in your forearm and they connect to your fingers by tendons that run through your wrist. Once the injury has healed and you are able to start getting movement back into your hand I recommend 'silicone exercise putty'.

It is easy to use, you just hold it in your hand and squeeze it gently. As it warms up it gets even softer and you just gently knead it. Play with it! You can squeeze it, roll it, stretch it and twist it. And when you get bored, put it back in its tub until next time. I think it is much more fun to play with a lump of silicone putty than to do boring exercises.

I recommend the yellow (softest) grade if your fingers are very sore and stiff, ideal if you have had a broken hand or wrist bone and have had to wear a splint or cast for a few weeks.

Once your fingers are moving more freely you can progress to the red (soft/medium) grade. This will probably be enough for most people although if you need a stronger grip you can progress through a further two grades; green (medium) then blue (firm).

The putty is not oily so there is no residue. It's a good idea to wash your hands before using it, that way it will stay clean for longer.

If you have an injury higher in your arm or shoulder girdle and you have to wear a sling or a brace, the putty is a great way to keep your hand and forearm muscles from wasting away due to lack of use.

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Therapeutic Putty
Exercise hand putty

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