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Plaster Cast Cover
Continuing your training regime whilst injured


Waterproof Cover

Does this sound familiar? You train hard, do everything right and then suddenly get an injury and you are out of the team for months while the injury recovers.

Time for some damage limitation. You might be in a plaster cast or heavily bandaged for a few weeks but that needn't stop you doing some appropriate training. Even with a broken arm or fractured leg you can still swim and build up cardiovascular fitness as long as you keep your cast or bandage dry and a waterproof plaster cast cover does just that.

After you place the elasticated cover over your plaster cast or bandage the affected area will be kept completely dry when swimming in the swimming pool.

Showerproof Cover

At a more mundane level you can use the cast covers in the shower or bath. However if you want something just to keep your bandage or cast dry in the shower then a shower cover protector is more suitable for you.

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