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Don't get stressed; get excited

One of the best things I like about NLP is the way you can reframe things that you find annoying or worrying. I am going to share two practical examples: NLP for performance anxiety and NLP for dealing with irritating repetitive events.

Performance Anxiety

When you were a little kid it was OK to be excited but now that you are a grown-up you are more likely to be nervous, anxious or apprehensive about performing or even speaking in front of an audience. Once you realise that your body reacts the same way to fear as it does to excitement you can use this information to reframe your feelings, so instead of telling yourself "I am worried about talking in front of 200 people tomorrow" you say to yourself "I am so excited about speaking to 200 people tomorrow that my knees are trembling" or whatever physical effect you are feeling.

It doesn't seem like much on the face of it but try it for yourself. It is a way of rewriting the software that runs your brain. The difference will astonish you.

Dealing with Irritations

This is a great way to deal with life events that threaten your sanity. For example, one of my neighbours had a particularly annoying car security system, every time she locked it a recorded American voice would shout "THE CAR IS LOCKED", you could hear it 100 yards away. And every time she unlocked the car the voice shouted "THE CAR IS OPEN". As she seemed to come in and out to her car several times a day this voice was in danger of pushing my blood pressure into the danger zone. Then I remembered NLP. Each time I heard the voice I said mentally to myself "that's one less time I am going to hear that" and it worked a treat, it seemed to just cancel the effect. Blood pressure back to normal.

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