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Neck Braces


Heads are heavy objects, they weigh 2–3kg and you really become aware of this when you hurt your neck. The neck is well designed to support and move this heavy head with a combination of bones, muscles and ligaments and normally your head and neck turns and nods in harmony with the rest of you and you don't even think about it.

If you suffer an injury to the neck muscles and ligaments the worst pain, while those soft tissues repair, is from the day after the injury until a week or more after the injury. This is when you will be most grateful for some neck support.

Assuming that you are getting appropriate treatment for your neck it can help a lot to support the area with a neck brace while you are out and about. It means you can be moderately active without making the injury worse and it gives you confidence to know that you are prevented from moving in a damaging way.

When it is time to sleep, consider using a neck collar. It is less supportive than the neck brace but more comfortable when lying down. The control is not as much but it is enough to stop your head rolling or flopping painfully while you are asleep.

Neck Brace

A Neck Brace is a high quality neck collar to immobilise the neck. For neck pain, neck stiffness, neck muscle spasm, neck arthritis and whiplash.

This is one of the most supportive neck supports on the market. It fits snugly between the chin and the chest to take the weight of the head. For total support and immobilisation of the neck. Use this collar for whiplash, especially for the first few days while your ligaments heal

Neck Collar

A Neck Collar is a semi rigid neck collar which helps to relieve neck pain, whiplash, and neck muscle spasm. Available in small, medium and large. Fastens at the back of the neck with velcro. Can be machine washed.


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