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Energy Anatomy: The Science of Personal Power, Spirituality and Health
By Caroline Myss
Audio Book Review

Walking barefoot along the steep winter beach in Florida sun with the breeze, the surf and Caroline's voice in my ears is my strongest memory from February 1999. My old Walkman cassette player could not always compete with the noise of nature and I had to listen several times to the tapes before I got the whole lecture. I was in Florida to attend a seminar on Visceral Osteopathy and it was the course instructor who recommended that everyone should listen to "Energy Anatomy" as a matter of urgency. I bought the set of recordings the same day and they have changed the way I think about illness and the disease process.

I struggle now to remember how it was, not to know the concepts that Caroline teaches. I have heard her lecture since then on many occasions and this is the best way to approach her teachings, she is a storyteller who engages with her audience until you feel like she is talking to you personally. Forget her books, they are heavy going, but listen to her talking and she will take you on a journey of discovery. She changed the way I practiced as an osteopath.

Caroline began as a medical "intuitive", she somehow "knew" what illnesses people had and more importantly what had caused their illness. In trying to understand her ability she explored existing models of spirituality and came up with a blend of old and new metaphysics and religion that gave structure to what she felt. In "Energy Anatomy" she first explains how psychic energy linked to intention affects our physical reality, drawing heavily on the model of chakras we learn how different parts of the body are most susceptible to energetic blockages and disturbances. She then shares her view of how we exist as spiritual beings on a path of development and explains what we need to know to make sense of the journey.

If you are a therapist or an individual on a course of personal development I cannot recommend this audio seminar strongly enough. It should be compulsory listening for all of us who work with enhanced sensitivity and for anyone who chooses to develop greater self awareness.















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