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Abnormal and/or excessive pronation, and other damaging movements can cause pain and discomfort in your feet, legs and elsewhere in your body.

Wearing orthotics in your shoes to stabilise and support your feet can often help to reduce pain from flat feet, excessive pronation, runners knee, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, shin splints and iliotibial band friction syndrome, by helping. Knee, hip and back pain may also be relieved. The orthotics you choose will depend on your problem, the shoe you want to wear and the activity you engage in. Orthotics can help to control your foot movement when you are running and playing sport; they can help you run more efficiently.

You can buy Superfeet and Northwest orthotics from me when you come for your osteopathy appointment. We have a range of styles and sizes available to buy. You can also buy from the links on this page.

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Over the counter orthotics

Over the counter orthotics have improved substantially in the last few years. Previously made of weaker, flimsy or bulky materials meaning shoe fitting was challenging, now made of thinner and stronger materials meaning shoe fitting is much easier.

Over the counter orthotics can be an inexpensive option and can be just what you need for a temporary or mild problem. However if you have a long standing or more severe problem which is causing you a lot of pain and discomfort then custom made orthotics might be the best option. [Suggestion: try over the counter orthotics first, see how you get on]


Full length or 3/4 length Orthotics

Generally 3/4 length orthotics are small enough to fit into regular shoes (lace ups, brogues) whereas full length orthotics will fit comfortably in sports shoes and trainers. Generally if you can't remove a full length insole from a shoe or trainer there will not be room for a full length orthotic but that is not always the case. [Suggestion: do not cram a full length orthotic into a shoe without considering how much space there is for your toes]


Custom made Orthotics

Further information about custom made orthotics with Sue Ferguson, Podiatrist





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