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Commonly Treated Conditions


Headaches and sinus pain

Treating excessive tension in the muscles of the neck and face will often ease sinus pain and remove the cause of persistent headaches. Craniosacral Therapy offers an extremely gentle way of treating sinus congestion and migraine headaches.

Back and Neck Problems

The majority of people suffer at some time with an aching back, joint pain or stiff neck. These are the main reasons for absence from work. The spine suffers from wear and tear, and compression, even without the added effects of trauma, sitting for long periods or performing heavy physical work. Treatment can help with strains, sprains, stiff and painful neck and shoulders, sciatica and other specific low back pain.


Recovery from trauma such as whiplash injury, sprained joints, strained or pulled muscles, injured tendons or ligaments can be speeded up and after-effects minimised.

Arthritic Conditions

Treatment can improve quality of life by reducing pain and increasing the range of movement in arthritic joints. 

Abdominal and Pelvic Conditions

Visceral and Craniosacral treatment can help to avoid post surgical adhesions and assist fluid drainage. Digestive disorders such as constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, oesophageal reflux, gastritis, respond well to Visceral Osteopathic treatment.

Mother and Baby

The emotional strain of pregnancy followed by the physical stress of the birth often leaves the body with a feeling of being "pushed down" and "collapsed". Postural problems that develop at this time can cause problems later in life. Frequently the mother suffers back and neck pain in the weeks and months following the birth and is too busy to seek help. Freeing and balancing the body as soon as possible after the birth helps the mother cope with the new demands of the baby.

Injury at birth can be treated all through life but the sooner it is treated, the faster and more complete the response. 

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