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Is your lifestyle or job a pain in the neck or does it hurt somewhere else? Too many hours at a desk, at a computer, driving or sitting, day after day will make your body ache. The two commonest places for aching muscles are low back and neck/shoulders.

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Continual nagging pain makes you miserable and stops you enjoying life.  So what are your options?

  • change your job or lifestyle - not a realistic option or you would have done it by now
  • put up with it - not very appealing for the next how many years
  • take painkillers - not a healthy option because most painkilling drugs have unwanted side effects
  • find an osteopath - definitely the best option in my opinion, naturally I am biased however that is because I know I am right

Let me introduce you to "the maintenance treatment". This is the equivalent of getting your car serviced. You choose an interval that suits you and you book yourself in for a regular overhaul. It's as simple as that - phone or email me to make your first appointment.

The very first time you come allow up to an hour. This gives us plenty of time to discuss your medical history and any particular issues that are bothering you before I start your treatment. To begin with, the treatment will focus on the areas that are bothering you most and as they improve the sessions will become more general.

Here is a typical checklist for a maintenance treatment for someone with no particular major pain:

  • lying face down on treatment couch
    • check spine, all joints, back and shoulder muscles
    • check hip rotation
  • turn over onto back
    • check hip, shoulders, neck flexion

I keep a note of your treatments where I write down what I did during each session and when you see me write "doing well" that means you are good until the next time. The "next time" is whatever is right for you – it might be a week or two or a few months.

There is a lot more information on the website, please have a look around if you have time. Imagine how good it would be if you treated your body as well as you treat your car.

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