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Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is something every osteopath has to do in order to stay on the GOsC register (General Osteopathic Council Register). At the moment the minimum requirement is 30 hours CPD every year. It includes such things as going on courses and conferences, attending meetings with colleagues and studying. At least half of the 30 hours has to be "learning with others".

Here are some of the lectures, seminars and workshops I have undertaken recently:

BIO course in Classical Osteopathy 11 monthly workshops. Learning, revising and practising techniques and principles of classical osteopathy
Seminar with Charles Bruford DO on anatomy, relations and treatment of temporal restrictions at BCOM, London
KRAG meeting Tunbridge Wells Lecture by Dr Chris Brian on medical acupuncture for musculoskeletal conditions
Kent Regional Acupuncture group Chaucer Hospital Canterbury Case histories and discussions with medical colleagues
Seminar run by CPD Gateway: speaker Mr Sajid Shariff, Consultant orthopaedic surgeon. Venue: Tudor park Marriot hotel Maidstone Foot and ankle problems with possible solutions. Revision of common surgical procedures and some conservative approaches to podiatric pain and dysfunction.
RSC lecture on the physiology of the olfactory system, Givaudan, Ashford, Dr Charles Sell FRCS. Effect of odour on the limbic system and how it is represented in the consciousness
ICrA Study day BCOM London The orthodontic/osteopathic connection with Dr Helen Jones (dentist) and Carole Meredith (osteopath)
KESO local group meeting Tim Walker GOsC CEO talking about the work of the regulator. Jane Jeater talking about osteopathy at the Olympic games
British Institute of Osteopathy. First of a series of 11 monthly workshops reviewing osteopathic techniques, treatments, theoretical framework and case histories Review of vasomotor reflexes, osteopathic technique and case histories

BMAS Autumn study day Group meeting, Royal Society, London. Lectures and demonstrations, networking with colleagues. Use of electroacupuncture for OA knee and post-op analgesia. Lectures given by a consultant Anaesthetist and a Clinical Oncologist.

Pathways to traditional osteopathic practice with H Beardmore DO, Lecture/tutorial at Leighton Park College, Reading. Osteopathic principles and pathophysiology review. Detailed consideration of more than 12 case histories.

ICrA study day with Susan Turner, BCOM London. A view of the immune system in the Sutherland tradition. Treating and assessing the thorax using the cranial model.

Practice related topics discussion, Chaucer Hospital. Case history discussion: patient with squint-related SCOM tension. Introduction to use of Dolo test for chronic pain. Discussion of ethical issues around treating referred patient

KRAG meeting, Chaucer Hospital. Lecture by Thomas Lundeberg and discussion Muscle physiology and the aetiology of neural sensitisation following muscle fatigue

ICrA Workshop, BCOM London The importance of Foetal positioning and consequences for mother and baby

BMAS Spring Scientific meeting, Liverpool. Lectures and demonstrations. Treatments for plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow including Laser acupuncture, extracorporeal shock therapy, treatment via tibial nerve stimulation for incontinence 

Online lecture from WCPT Australia, “Teaching people about pain” by Lorimer Moseley, David Butler, Michael Thacker and Adriaan Louw

BMAS Autumn Scientific Meeting, London, Royal college of Physicians. Prof Rodney Grahame Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Anna Bulley The rubber hand illusion, pain treatments that work at a cortical level, Yusef Ozgur Cakmak using acupuncture to modulate visceral blood flow

Anatomy Trains, Brighton, Jing Institute of Advanced Massage. Seminar based on the work of Thomas Myers. A system of structural treatment based on cadaveric studies and fascial adjustment techniques.
International Institute of Advanced Studies in Osteopathy, Barcelona, Spain. "45 years of refined /integrated structural technique" with Barry Savoury. Workshops and lectures on osteopathic structural techniques
British Medical Acupuncture Society Autumn Scientific Conference, Barber Surgeons Hall, London. Speakers Nadine Foster: Arthritis Research. Arne Johan Norheim, University of Tromso, Norway. Acupuncture to reduce post-op vomiting in children after tonsillectomy. Dr Havi Carel, UWE Bristol, the philosophical foundations of illness. Dr Jens Foell, London GP case history 25y old man with MS. Mr Mike Pullman, specialist Bladder Clinic.
International Cranial Association. University of Westminster, London. Seminar with Renzo Molinari on pressure compartments within the body. A combination of theory, demonstration and practical techniques using cranial, visceral and structural osteopathy to diagnose and treat patients.

KRAG (Kent Regional Acupuncture Group) Regional meeting at Somerfield Hospital Maidstone.

Discussing clinical audit procedures and the tendency of MYMOPS to distort data. Preliminary discussions on designing a trial to compare various treatment styles within the group and eventually combining the best of each. As osteopathy moves towards evidence based practice such considerations will become more important.

Hip and Knee seminar presented by Mr Oliver Keast-Butler FRCS at Little Silver Hotel, Tenterden. Audience of GP's, Physiotherapists, Podiatrists and Osteopaths. Organised by the Horder Centre.

Discussion of differential diagnosis and referral criteria for surgical resolution of degenerative knee and hip disease.

Lecture "Cortisone and the Upper Limb" by consultant orthopaedic surgeon Jamie Buchanan. Leeford Place Hotel, Battle. Organised by the Horder Centre.

An update on current surgical procedures available for shoulder and arm conditions. A group of GP's and healthcare professionals made up the audience. Lecture with video of some procedures eg debridement of acromial tip in impingement syndrome, followed by questions and discussion.

Professor Sunetra Gupta
Prize lecture: Rosalind Franklin Award. Royal Society, London

Surviving pandemics a pathogen's perspective. This lecture explained how immune response in a host forces adaptation in the parasite, specifically looking at influenza virus and malaria.

BMAS Autumn meeting at the Official Medical College, Barcelona. An International conference of doctors, researchers and other health professionals mainly from Europe.

Lectures and workshops focusing on best practice clinical and research findings for treatment of Headache, Back Pain, Allergic Rhinitis, Infantile Colic and Insomnia.

Orthopaedic Masterclass. Evening lectures organised by the Horder Centre. Venue: Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells.

Lectures from 5 surgical consultants on the procedures that they prefer along with clinical audit data. The audience were mainly local GPs and other health professionals. It is important to be aware of the specialist services offered by other medical colleagues so that appropriate referrals and suggestions can be offered to patients should the need arise.

Home study – listening to a lecture recorded at Sutherland Cranial College. Title "Energy Osteopathy: matter, motion and interrelationships". The lecturer, Nicholas Handoll, explains his style of osteopathy as encompassing an awareness of quantum physics. To him the fundamental properties of collapsed wave functions blur the boundaries we normally imagine to exist between matter and energy. He considers disturbance in health to be due to electromagnetic imprinting that reduces the energy of the body relative to its surroundings.

One day course on the prevention and treatment of positional plagiocephaly presented by London Orthotic Consultancy Kingston.

In depth course on practical treatment and assessment of head distortions in babies.

Kent Regional Acupuncture Group (KRAG) meeting, Chaucer Hospital Canterbury. Evening meeting, audience mainly GP’s and all with an interest in Western Medical acupuncture as an adjunctive therapy.

Discussion on the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of non musculoskeletal problems, such as asthma, IBS, Prostatitis where the mechanism of action is presumed to be via segmental innervation. Discussion of the MYMOPS survey tools and their application to clinical auditing procedures.

Kent IT and Web Show, Ramada Hotel, Maidstone, Kent

This day was a chance to attend lectures, network with local business owners, see the latest  business tools and learn from each other. Lectures on Increasing your Website Traffic,
Tricks of eTrade - Retailing Online, Survival of the Fastest (how to survive and thrive online)

Open day visit to Horder Centre in Crowborough, East Sussex. Guided tour around the hospital including new operating theatres and wards, meeting key staff and examining various types of prostheses.

The Horder Centre is increasing its number of beds and operating theatres and is rapidly becoming the most popular NHS hospital in the area for joint replacement surgery. Since many of my patients are pre- or post-op it is useful to have information about the facilities offered and the types of procedure available.

BMAS (British Medical Acupuncture Society) Spring Conference, Glasgow at the Royal college of surgeons and physicians. A mixed group of (mainly) GP's, osteopaths and physios.

Internationally famous researchers and presenters sharing information on the physiology of the autonomic nervous system, gender effects on the response to treatment modalities

Study day at the British School of Osteopathy: IcrA topic Plagiocephaly in Infants and the use of helmets.

The back to sleep program aimed at reducing SIDS has brought about an increase in positional plagiocephaly. Discussing strategies to avoid or minimise this cranial deformation.

Autumn Scientific meeting of the British Medical Acupuncture Society, at the Royal Institute of Great Britain.

Several current topics in medicine discussed including an update on research into Trigger Point treatment for headaches from Dr Giamberardino, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Chieti, Italy.
6 hours accredited CPD

Spring Scientific meeting of the British Medical Acupuncture Society, at the Marriott Hotel York.

Group of 80 or so delegates with speakers from the UK, Spain and Denmark. Presentations and lectures from medical consultants and researchers, including Dr Barbara Duncan: treatment of fibromyalgia in tertiary care, Dr Arendt-Neilsen: skeletal muscle pain and mechanisms and clinical implications of pain referral, Dr Eres: integrative oncology, Dr Jorge Vas: treatment of chronic knee and shoulder pain, Mr Paul Leong (ENT consultant): treatment of spasmodic dysphonia and cricopharyngeus spasm. An insight into the work of some of the leading researchers and clinicians in the world of Pain Control.
12 hours accredited CPD

St Thomas' Hospital London.

Mobilisation of the Nervous System. Reviewed the latest ideas and research findings relevant to practical applications in treatment of nerve pain. Lectures and workshops on both days. Studied palpation techniques specific to nerves and "slider" techniques for reducing "double crush" and "reverse crush" lesions.
14 hours accredited CPD

Maidstone. John Wernham tribute conference.

A day of lectures and presentations with the general theme of Classical Osteopathy as taught by Littlejohn and Wernham.
8 hours accredited CPD

Two days Electroacupuncture course run by the British Medical Acupuncture Society.

Electroacupuncture is a useful adjunct to osteopathy particularly applicable to acute pain.
Day 1 Royal Society of Art, lectures on electrical principles, safety, summary of trials and evidence base for electroacupuncture.
Day 2 Royal London Homeopathic hospital, practical training using electroacupuncture under supervision.
9 hours accredited CPD

Gait Analysis seminar at the Stansted Radisson Hotel run by The Orthotic Group.

Lectures and discussions with colleagues. Comparing and contrasting various theories of foot function and how it can be modelled.
3 hours accredited CPD

Using acupuncture to improve women’s health, one day seminar at Geological Society, Piccadilly.

Lecturer Dr Elisabet Stener-Victorin. Topics covered included polycystic ovary syndrome, pelvic pain, factors affecting fertility, and endocrine effects.
6 hours accredited CPD

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